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Coaching and facilitation for businesses

Tailor-made coaching to support successful human relations.

quote left In a world where sustainable development is no longer an option, but indeed a requirement, looking after a business’s human capital is a major challenge in order to consolidate your employer brand. quote right

We are convinced of this.

Integration – Development – Reintegration: the components of a trusting relationship between employer and employee

Looking after one’s staff translates as looking after their integration, supporting them in their personal development and helping with their reintegration when they have spent time away from their teams, whatever the reason: external projects, illness or other.

Your time and that of your teams is precious when dealing with operational issue, and it’s a given that looking after one’s staff requires time. OberYou puts its individual and group coaching competence and experience at your service to help you in your quest to preserve and develop your company’s human capital.

– You are ?

HRD, HRM, Talent Manager,
CSR Manager, QWL Manager,
Project Leader, Start-up Creator,
Business Executive

Your challenges regarding integration:

Our coaching solutions are always jointly developed with you


  • Improve the length of time new employees require to integrate
  • Define values and behaviours for the business / team
  • Organisation and application of the company’s values and culture in everyday day assignments


  • Integration of people with disabilities (respecting equal opportunities and the obligation to employ disabled workers)
  • Integration of employees recruited via ‘inclusion through employment’ platforms for equal opportunities 


  • Managers who are taking up challenging posts and jobs
  • Management changes, changes in business culture, such as when there is a business merger
  • Support to employees during periods of evolving working environment


  • Maintaining the know-how and soft skills thanks to the reintegration of employees after a prolonged absence
  • Return of expatriate employees
  • Support to teams after a destabilising event that affect performance 

Booking an appointment online

Here, you can book your chosen time and date to have an initial contact by phone or videoconfernece.

It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s free.

You prefer to get in touch by text message ? No problem. Please use the contact form on the bottom of this page.

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OberYou – Coaching & Facilitation
Ines Obersteiner

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